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Positive mood surrounds #bitcoin. BTCUSD is up by 60% from the July low. Huge price moves could begin anytime soon. So follow PrimeBit’s BTCUSD charts and don’t miss any opportunities.

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Bitcoin dropped by 4.55% on Monday losing all the gains worked over the weekend. The cryptocurrency markets still cannot recover from the sharp sell-off in May. Bitcoin seems to be locked within the $30k-$40k range, approaching the lower support recently, which may worry holders around the world.

At the moment it is trading just below $34,000 on PrimeBit. Fortunately for margin traders, the price movements are significant, which shows great opportunities for well-timed leveraged traders.

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Cryptocurrency markets have been heavily affected by Elon Musk’s tweets recently. First came the accusations of Bitcoin consuming “insane” amounts of energy last week. The debate and sell-off were triggered by Tesla’s decision to cancel vehicle purchases using Bitcoin due to the high carbon footprint of each transaction.

BTCUSD crashed almost 13% on Wednesday.

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The world’s leading cryptocurrencies are still both knocking at strong resistance levels. Bitcoin fails to attack the $60,000 mark, while Ethereum has dropped below $2,000 again. The market may soar or plummet anytime soon.

Whichever scenario prevails, this is the time to trade bitcoin and ethereum. Investors will make huge profits by going long or shorting cryptocurrencies over the following days (or weeks).

If you’re a bitcoin maximalist or skeptic, make sure you hedge your primary position with leveraged BTCUSD and ETHUSD contracts.

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Bitcoin bounces back after falling over 16% from all-time highs to $50,407. On Friday, BTCUSD has already risen 4.4% and is trading around $53,500 on PrimeBit.

Ethereum, which failed to establish a new historical record in March, has recently had a rough time. ETHUSD dropped to $1546 on Wednesday. Since then, it has risen back to $1624.

The downtrend on LTCUSD seems to be stronger as the pair lost over 21% since mid-March.

With Bitcoin gaining traction and popularity, we are going through a historic time for cryptocurrency trading. Make sure you make the most of it by trading PrimeBit P2P contracts. Learn more.

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BTCUSD spent only a few days below the $50k mark, and today it rallied +6.76% and jumped over the limit, trading around $51,800 right now on PrimeBit. Altcoins follow. Ethereum, which lost over 26% in late February is up 8.42% today trading above $1,600 and Litecoin gained 17.6% …


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